Mould Remediation

Mould spores are actually all around us, and they love moisture. High moisture levels can be the result of leaks in the floor, walls or roof leading outside, from plumbing leaks, or from moisture produced by daily activities such as bathing, washing clothes or cooking.

Moisture can accumulate in the home if there is not enough ventilation to expel it outside. Mould will grow if we provide it with moisture. If we keep things dry, mould does not grow.Given the unpredictable weather patterns we have experienced in recent months, we have seen a high increase in flooded properties.

Lack of or poor remediation has resulted in properties left with excess moisture in wall cavities, skirtings, carpets and other porous materials.These moist conditions are the perfect breeding ground for mould to grow.We understand the risks associated with mould. Our technicians will quickly make the property safe for all who may visit following flood damage.

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